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Flick is a marketing technology company that helps creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and advertising agencies accelerate growth on social media networks. I work closely with the teams to optimize for high quality, effective and consistent delivery of customer-centric innovation as we scale a multi-product company across the global market.

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Introducing Flick

The all-in-one platform empowering over 20,000 creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and advertising agencies in the world of marketing.

Work Overview

Flick is one of Europe's reputable marketing technology companies, headquartered in London. But even with this status, it still has stiff competition for market share with other top companies like Later, Sprout Social and Buffer. One way the team plans to stay ahead of the curve is to establish itself as the all-in-one platform for stakeholders in the industry to manage their marketing & social media needs.

Over the last few months at Flick I've led the teams to design viable multi-platform products that materialised their goals of lifting customer adoption rates by 30% and increased revenue by as much as 2x, helping the company stay ahead of the curve amidst growing competition.

Currently, we have built some of its core product offerings like:

Content Scheduler

Onboarding screens to highlight the exciting features to new users

A visual scheduling system designed to make managing your social media accounts stress-free.

We built a seamless way for customers to consolidate their social media strategies within one platform by providing them with a suite of tools to plan, prepare and automate publishing content; saving teams time, energy and money.

Social Groups

Onboarding screens to highlight the exciting features to new users

Seamless workflows to help tie multiple social networks to the same brand

We made it possible for customers to manage several social media accounts for multiple brands in the easiest ways ever; increasing their reach and revenue.

Content Helper

Onboarding screens to highlight the exciting features to new users

Building tools to take the hassle out of growing your account, business or influence by reaching new audiences on social media.

Here, I led design across a cross-company effort to increase the engagement and retention of the existing suggestions product to help customers grow their social media audiences and improve performance.

Systems & Services

I've also helped to streamline core services like multi-platform design systems, identify gaps in cross-functional team collaboration and initiate new Product <> Engineering practices resulting in seamless execution and delivery.