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The easiest way to share good music


Annie is a music service that helps you share your favorite songs and playlists between streaming platforms. I worked closely with the team to help consolidate their idea of the product into one that resonates with customers. This entailed being involved in every stage of the design process and unifying the visual direction for the mobile and web product.

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Introducing Annie

Onboarding screens to highlight the exciting features to new users

A mobile platform created to make life easier for music streamers

Product Overview

Annie is a mobile service created to solve the problems of music sharing for various stakeholders in the industry.

“Meet the music network for people who love to share good music.”

It’s primary purpose is to enable relatively quicker sharing of songs and playlists between most streaming platforms.

What’s the problem?

As of 2020, the 5 most popular streaming services were found to be:

  1. Spotify
  2. Apple Music
  3. Deezer
  4. Boom Play
  5. Youtube Music

A major problem for most people who stream music is getting to share music to others that do not use the same streaming platform.
Annie’s primary purpose is to solve this.

Understanding the Problem

Stakeholder Interviews

To kick things off, I conducted semi-structured interviews to better understand the goals and expectations of the business stakeholders.

This meant asking questions as to:

  • What the business objectives were
  • What problems they were trying to solve
  • Who they were trying to solve the problems for
  • What requirements existed for the product, etc.

Key Objectives

A few excerpts from the interviews:

Before I could go into designing, it was essential to align with the metrics of success for the product.Hence, I aligned my objectives with the business' motives as a way to ensure that I was factoring their core objectives into the design process.

Who are the average customers?

  • Playlist Curators
  • Music Lovers
  • Artistes and Musicians
  • Managers of said Artistes
  • Music Labels, Agencies etc

User Research

I also carried out an informal research with target customers on social media. The major aim was to understand and connect the user and business goals.

What were they doing right?

Competitor Analysis

I carried out a competitive analysis of other existing solutions in the product’s market and took the time to analyze how their processes worked by doing detailed landscape assessments.

Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Content.Design.

I synthesized the results of the assessments to reveal actionable insights that I could work with.

Content Strategy

Leveraging the insights, I established a content strategy for the product, by considering the tactical and discovery goals of customer personas.

Visual Design

Layout and Colours

The existing system had an already established color scheme and layout, so I had to work around implementing the new features, while unifying the visual direction for the entire product.

DEsign System

I collated the styles that had been chosen for the visual language of the product and made them into a design system to communicate the implementation as best as possible to the rest of the team.

Product Showcase

Onboarding screens to highlight the exciting features to new users

I designed the Landing page, UI for the Mobile & Desktop Applications, and a reusable style guide to aid the implementation of the designs.

Third-party integrations

SOcial Media and Automated Bots

We leveraged the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, iMessage, Facebook and Whatsapp to streamline the music sharing process with out-of-the-box integrations for previewing, converting, and streaming great music.

The product is currently available to the general public on the web and mobile (Android/IOS) applications.

Learnings and Key Takeaways

  • Factor in accessibility considerations for motion hypersensitivity: Some of the interactions that were designed for the product have not been implemented because we had to factor in some accessibilty considerations for people with motion hypersensitivity.
  • What could be better?: During the user research we discovered that users also needed a way to analyse the statistics of users interactions with the links they shared. This introduced a new analytics feature to be implemented on the product roadmap.


My teammates had a few nice things to say: